#EducampINVERS is on like Jon... or Yvonne!

What's so great about an EduCamp or Unconference?

Rather than paying several hundred dollars, an EduCamp is a FREE opportunity to come along to share your knowledge, ideas, thoughts and questions in a relaxed, informal environment with others interested in doing the same! It is non threatening, fun and you will be learning from those 'Walking the walk' not just 'Talking the talk'

Hopefully we have now captured your interest, we would LOVE to see you there and encourage you to
BYOF (Bring your own friend) to share the learning!

Smackdown Slides - add a slide or 2 of something to share at the start (no pressure!)

Shared Google Doc - timetable, notes, smackdown

Connect with Attendees - see who's registered to come.
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Welcome to the educampinvers2011 wiki! Please take the time to join this wiki, and to explore the various pages.

This wiki is open to anyone interested: Principals, teachers, teacher aides, RTLB's T.Coll students and parents. You are invited to add your details below, create links and organise sessions with others.

What is educamp? provides an outline of the educamp format and philosophy.

The logistics page contains directions to Myross Bush, and information about food drink and merriment on the day.

How do I participate? explains how you can use educampinvers2011 and this wiki as a professional development experience.

Attendees is where you can enter your details if you plan on attending educampinvers2011.

Edubillets is designed to help people from out of town find places to stay in and near Invercargill (either before or after educampinvers).

(un)timetable(ish) leads to a rough outline of the educamp... remembering flexibility is King!

Smackdown Wallwisher links to a wallwisher where attendees can put smackdown topics or other ideas to share.

edcampinvers2011 shared notes provides a shared google doc to make notes before, during and after the day.